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Photo: Contador wins the 2016 Tour of the Basque Country (Javier Etxezarreta)

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  1. Alberto,
    Hope that you are enjoying your time away from competition. the route for the 2017 TDF looks challenging, especially stage 20 the ITT after three weeks of racing.
    I am awaiting the brochure from TREK tours for 2017.
    2017 will be an exciting year.

  2. Signe Jørgensen Says:

    Dearest Alberto.
    Normally I do NOT have comments to what Oleg say about you, but what I read yesterday made me so angry and I was chocked about what he say especially about you.
    Alberto I konw you very well because I had follow you since 2005 and all that bullshit he say is total WRONG.
    Alberto querer es poder and I and all your loyal fans will stand behind you.
    Take now a very well deserve rest and so out and show ALL what a great rider you are. I know that you will fight back on your bike and NOT in words. Luckily you are NOT down on his level, but sad to see all those year on this team end it this way.
    Alberto you are still the very best, the one and only.
    Now I looking forward to see to you in 2017 to new goals.

  3. Dear Alberto, We are looking forward to seeing you in next Tour de France and eagerly waiting for you at SAITAMA in October of 2017. Please visit Japan with Ivan Basso!

  4. Alberto,
    Hope that all is well with and your family.
    I just read Tinkoff’s final interview and was shocked .No , in fact it was no surprise , he has no class. Sorry that you had to deal with such an ungrateful sponsor.
    To try to poison your relationship with Trek shows what a disgusting person he is. Money cannot buy class, good riddance to him .
    Looking forward to seeing you race next year.

  5. Alberto,
    I enjoyed the last four stages simply because we were able to see you race in person. Never got to say hello as the crowd around the Tinkoff bus was always huge.
    After the ITT, I told my friends that Chaves would attack on Stage 20 and Movistar would not help .It was as I predicted , Nairo would not race to help you against his countryman. He owes his victory to your attack in stage 15 because he would not have attempted to ride away from Froome from so far out.
    Learn from this race , he is not to be trusted when racing with his countrymen.
    Overall, it was a race to remember. Spain is beautiful.
    Looking forward to seeing you race again next year in the TDF.

  6. Signe Jørgensen Says:

    Dearest Alberto.
    Yesterday you lose you 3. place with only 13 sec. That is so sad, but querer es poder Alberto, sadly you had to fight alone for to long time yesterday . This year you did not reach your goals but I hope that you will come back stronger next year on a new team and hopefully with new goals, because without you cycling is so boring.
    You will always be the very best stage rider of your generation. Wish you al the best, and will be with you all way.
    Big hugs from Denmark

  7. Nairo Quintana ha ganado su primera Vuelta a España, en gran parte gracias a Alberto Contador, quien explotó la carrera de una manera formidable en Formigal el fin de semana pasado. Lo que permitió al colombiano ganar los minutos decisivos contra Chris Froome.
    Sin la ayuda de Contador en esa etapa decisiva, es muy probable que Froome hubiera ganado esta Vuelta, sobre todo con el tiempo que recuperó en la contrarreloj del viernes. Sin embargo, en el Alto de Aitana,
    Movistar no devolvió el favor cuando Contador vio su tercer lugar en el podio venirse bajo. Este comportamiento por parte del Movistar es lo que hace al individuo apreciar aún más las cualidades de un gran campeón como lo es Contador.

  8. Adelante Alberto👍🏽👍🏽💥💥🙏🏽🙏🏽

  9. Florin Cojocaru Says:

    I know you did it for your fans. Hats off for the unbelievable stage 15! I thank you for all the joy and the excitement that you brought in La Vuelta. No matter what the GC says, you are the winner of this year Vuelta. BRAAAVOOOOO!!!

  10. Alberto,
    AS USUAL YOU HAVE ANIMATED THE RACE. This race is soooo much more exciting than the TDF. I am looking
    forward to the see you soon. Continue to ride safely,

  11. Signe Jørgensen Says:

    Dearest Alberto.
    Waaauw what a stage it was yesterday. You animate the race from the beginning, and you rode very strong. Alberto yesterday fight with your heart on the right place. You made cycling so exciting to look at, and the way you rode yesterday made cycling much more exciting.Querer es poder Alberto and always with you all the way.
    Big hug from Denmark.

  12. Hola campeon
    Mil gracias por la etapa de hoy. Tu es simplemente el mejor ciclista del mundo (3 Vuelta, 3 Giro, 3 Tour…) siempre contigo Alberto. Podré decir que he visto Alberto Contador 🙂 como me gustaria que Alberto tiene solamente 25 años para te ver diez años mas… Gracias y a por la decima ! Querer es poder ! Siempre Contador hasta el fin !
    Un fan francesa 🙂

  13. You’re the best Alberto. Win or lose we love you and we believe in you as one of the greatest riders of all time and definitely the best rider of our generation. 9 Grand Tours says it all! Support from Urmia Ciry – Iran.

  14. Countinue alberto countinue to ride please😍i cant imagine bike race world without you😩so much boring😞everyone knows diffrences between tour de france2016 and la vuelta2016😲you are real rival 😬and make races attractive and excited😰your fans enjoy your riding style😘😘countinue riding plz my hero😍😍we are with you in you injuries and victories😘😘😘

  15. You are simply the greatest rider in the known Universe, and the unknown for that matter.

    Greetings from South Africa. You are the inspiration to ride everyday and reach my goals

  16. Dear Alberto, watching Vuelta a España is more exciting because of you. Hope you will get a better form soon. We are pushing your back at very steep hills from Tokyo.

  17. Best of luck over the next few days. You could do with a bit of luck to turn things around. Irish shamrock to help. 🍀

  18. Alberto,
    You have the will and heart of a true champion. Where is a will , there is a way is your mantra courage is a true testament to it. Beautiful ride.
    Keep the faith and be safe,
    From New York,

  19. Signe Jørgensen Says:

    Dearest Alberto.
    First it was heartbreaking to see you crash again, all the BAD luck must stop now.
    And so yesterday see you fight back it was impressive to look at. See you smile then you rode over the finish line, it was so great.
    I hope that you yesteday got a big moral boost.
    Alberto querer os poder. Wiith you all the way.
    Best regards from one of you loyal fan from Denmark

  20. Nadja Mikkelsen Says:

    Go on lad and take your red jersey back! Querer es poder😊❤️🇪🇸💪🏽 Hope that the red jersey will belong to Il Madrileno in Madrid😊😉✨🇪🇸

  21. Never give up Alberto. You’re the best! You’re the king! You have to take the glory cause you got all support of your fans. You have to win it cause you’re El Pistolero.

  22. Alberto,
    So horrible to see you crash again when riding in front . I hate thses flat fast stages when everyone is fighting for position. You must be in such pain from that high speed crash.
    Hope that you have a good night sleep and can be able to ride tomorrow.

  23. Alberto,
    Scary day on the bike. I am glad that you did not fall.
    1:52 to make up is not impossible, just rides safely no unnecessary risks:)
    This race has a long way to go.
    Be safe,

  24. Hola Alberto. Por el momento es una Vuelta un poco complicada con respecto a los otros. Sin embargo todo es siempre posible para la victoria #Fuentede 🙂 La tercera semana seria decisiva. Somos contigo hasta el fin campeon ! A por la undecima ! Vamos ! Estamos contigo el pistolero ! Gracias por todo Alberto el mejor ciclisto del mundo
    Un abrazo Alberto 🙂

  25. Alberto,
    The race is finally here, hope that you are well.
    I am looking forward to seeing you ride once more. The race will be exciting.
    Race safely and have fun,

  26. Beylemans Kurt Says:

    El pistolero!!!! Shoot to kill !!!!!! Good luck en all the best!!!

  27. Alberto,
    Hope that all is well with you and the team in your prep for La Vuelta.
    Seems that Froome will be riding , so we will see all the top contenders from the TDF . This race will be better than the Tour which which quite boring at times.
    Stay focused,

  28. Alberto,
    Congratulations on the fabulous win. Good to see your preparation for La Vuelta is on track.

    Rafa was great at the Olympics , won bronze. I know that you were rooting for Spain but seeing your team mate must have a brought a smile to your face.
    Looking forward to the Vuelta.
    Train safely,

  29. Alberto,
    Good luck and safe riding . Most of all , enjoy being back on the bike .

  30. Nicole Bellekens Says:

    Dear Alberto
    I hope you recover well en very soon! You’re a great champ!!
    All the best.

    A big kiss

    A fan of Antwerp
    Nicole (65) but not old 😀

  31. So good to see Pantano signed with Trek. Looks like you will have some great support on that team. Good to see you on the bike again.
    Sure miss you at the Tour, never seen such a boring Tour. Kind of like watching cement set. Miss you and your explosive attacks, I’m so disappointed in the other riders.
    Te Amo

  32. Nige & Wendy Martin Says:

    Hola Alberto – It is your strength of mind that endures, enabling you to move forward positively. I like that.
    I also like that you may compete in the Vuelta; my wife and I will be in Calpe to watch 2 stages – it’s time to re-commission my foam ‘Pistolero’ hand, raise it high in the crowd and cheer you to victory, like I did in 2012 (Madrid & Pinto).
    I hope, eventually, to meet my cycling hero (me talking about you, not you about me 😉 ).

  33. Pistolero, te deseo todo el animo y fuerza en este proceso de recuperacion; si alguien puede sobrepasar esta etapa eres tu! Gracias por todo el ezfuerzo puesto en tratar de quedarte en el tour, pero a veces es mejor la cabeza y recuperarse antes de seguir luchando. Sigue pa adelante que seras recompensado y estaremos todos celebrando contigo

  34. Alberto,
    You must be proud of Rafa,today he was so strong.
    I hope that he is one of the riders you are taking with you to your next team.

  35. Well, it’s good to see you back on the bike, even if it is a lite workout. Had trouble who to root for GC after you left. So, throughout these past days, I have decided to cheer for Bauke Mollema. Sure miss your attacks though, looks like everyone so far is satisfied for second place. Am looking forward the Vuelta and seeing you ride again. Good luck with your training.
    Te amo

  36. Alberto,
    Hope that you are feeling better, relax and heal your body.
    Seeing that you are out of the race, we asked the group that we were scheduled to travel with to switch to the Vuelta. Happy to say we were able to switch. After the horrible incident in Nice, they were not too demanding:)
    The team is still riding well, hope that Rafa can get and hold the polka dot. Green is secure, Peter just has to ride to Paris safely.If Roman rides smart he can get into top 10. That would be great results for Tinkoff.
    Stay healthy,

  37. All the best El Pistolero hope you can make it to the Vuelta to beat Froome!

  38. stuart cottrill Says:

    all the best Alberto hope you can make the Vuelta….El Pistolero your so strong…heres hoping you can beat Froome again!
    rest well my hero…

  39. Alberto,
    Just reading about the various injuries to you confirms my opinion that you are a person with very strong will to succeed.
    The team was very strong today, Peter and Bodnar were spectacular.
    Take of yourself and get ready for the Vuelta.

  40. Hola Alberto

    Es muy duro ver el Tour de Francia sin tì. Gracias por todos tus esfuerzos durante este tour. Es muy duro pero sabemos que puedes gañas otras carreras importantes este año como la Vuelta ! Espero ver Alberto en el Giro en 2017 para la centesima edicion ! Al parecer que tu nuevo equipo es Trek soy muy contenta porque allí hay todos tus compañeros de la Discovery Chanel 🙂 estamos en el punto de partida 🙂 Mil gracias por todo Alberto espero que la Vuelta es para tí ! Estamos contigo para siempre ! No pedaleas solo Alberto ya que somos contigo ! A por la décima Alberto despuès 3 Giro, 3 TDF y 3 Vueltas 🙂
    Un abrazo campeon 🙂

  41. Alberto, I send prayers for your speedy recovery. I am sorry you will miss the Olympics, but I do look forward to seeing you in the Vuelta. Hopefully there will be a channel here in the USA that shows it, although the Internet will show it. Am excited for your new team, hopefully you will have more support than you have had with your current team since the management change. God bless you and your family. The Tour is not the same without you.
    Te amo

  42. doreen yarson Says:

    I will miss seeing you climb as you are my FAVORITE ride to watch. There is no one else that is so beautiful to watch ride a bike. I can’t even get excited about the rest of the race now that you are not there. Heal well, aloha nui loa

  43. Signe Jørgensen Says:

    Dearest Alberto.
    So, so sad to see you abandon from The TDF yesterday but your health first. But before you leave The TDF you was out and show who you are. The very best stage rider ever. Cycling is boring without you.
    Hope for speedy recover Alberto and hope to see you soon in cycling again. You are a role model for us all. Take care Alberto.
    Big hugs from a very loyal fan fron Denmark

  44. Dear Alberto, I truly miss you. Please come back soon in good form. Contigo siempre, Contadooor!

  45. Disappointed to see you leave the tour but your health comes first. Know you have been struggling this past week and getting sick on top of the injuries made everything worse. I have watched you since before your anurisum and can not express how much I believe in you and your ability to continue. I can hardly wait for you announcement on the new team you will be on next year. I look forward to seeing you in the Olympics and perhaps the Vuelta. In this time of everyone for themselves it is good to see you, a man of integrity and fair play.
    Te amo Alberto

  46. You are the definition of courage even with pain you continued to fight, I wish you a good recovery with your family and friends! I hope we will see you soon in a better form and you’ll continu to make us dream 😉

  47. Alberto, your indomitable spirit and courage in the face of adversity is an inspiration to us all. Sometimes you just have to let your body tell you what to do. Rest easy and recover well. We will always love and support you.

  48. jumilile Says:

    Alberto, thanks for the chills you always triggers for all your fans. I feel relieved that you will not suffer any longer. You gave everything, for you, for us, and we realize that. Thanks again, for being such an incredible champion. We truly love you, and wish you a well and fast recovery ! ❤
    Never give up champ, and see you in your next race ! 🙂
    you will always stay an exemple of will, strenght and motivation for all of us.

  49. Martin Higgins Says:

    Always hard for me to watch you climb off your bike but if it means stepping down to get healthy then so be it. I just love to see you on your bike because you love it not because you have to. I am always with you no matter what, whether you are ten minutes in front or ten minutes behind…you are and will always be number one for me. Rest up my Champion, my hero and my idol…next race I’ll see you there.
    Your biggest fan Marti

  50. João Miranda Says:

    Força Alberto👊 Estou aqui sempre para te apoiar ✌ Es um campeão e tiro te o chapéu porque aguentas te com muito sofrimento até hoje 👏👏👏

  51. estelle picard Says:

    Alberto bonjour je pense fort á toi, you are alright in your decision , it was no necessary to suffer a lot your body like that. You are so courageous. Gardes bon moral you will be better in few days and there was another events for you. You are greatest champion
    I m so sad for you and yours attacks will miss but you will be back next year in tour de france with another team.
    Vamos alberto you will other tours giro or vuelta or tour de france . Il faut avancer et regarder devant
    good luck alberto buenas dias

  52. Dorte Johst Jensen Says:

    Hi Alberto.
    Thank you for being the greatest fighter of all time. Recover well and hope to see you in Vuelta a Espania 😊. You are the greatest racer ever seen in cycling. A true CHAMPION. 😊

  53. Dorte Johst Jensen Says:

    Thank you for being the greatest fighter of all time. Recover well and hope to see you in Vuelta a Espania 😊. You are the greatest racer ever seen in cycling. A true CHAMPION. 😊

  54. Pase lo que pase, siempre estaré contigo, campeón!! Ahora a recuperarte, mucho ánimo y vamos Alberto!!!

  55. Such courage and determination from you but health comes first. The tour will not be the same without you. Get well soon, rest and come back fighting fit ready for the next challenge. 💪🏽

  56. Alexandra Says:

    Alberto .. your my idol … time will come .. all the best … RESPECT!!!

  57. Alberto, Well done on the way you dealt with your injuries and sickness today. You even attacked today. True courage.

  58. Nicolas Says:

    Animo Alberto !! Repose toi bien et tu sera en grande forme pour aller chercher un 4e Tour d’Espagne ! Et l’année prochaine le Tour 2017

  59. Alberto,
    Sad to see you leave the race but your health comes first.
    Won’t see you in France as planned 😦
    The team should carry on and make you proud.
    Go home be with your family and get well.
    The Olympics and the Vuelta will be next , and you will be on form.
    You are a true champion, don’t be despondent.

  60. Signe Jørgensen Says:

    Dearest Alberto.
    Never, never give up. you looks much better yesterday and a little bit sad that you lose more time yesterday. Again today there is a tough stage and so it is a very, very well deserve restday for you. Take care and come back and show them all that you are simply the best, maybe you not winn the TDF but everything can happened here in the next two weeks. Go, go for it Alberto always with you.
    Big hugs from Denmark

  61. Alberto, You are as tough as always! Your determination and resilience are as inspiring as always, and win or lose – I’ll be cheering for you. You are a true champion and I hope your body continues to recover!

  62. Byspoke Says:

    Alberto – I hope that you can enjoy some of what remains of this race, no matter how tough and frustrating these last few days must have been. As I have said before, the measure of character is not how you are on the good days, but on the worst days, and you, as ever, have shown courage, resilience and incredible grit. I have also read – though it comes as no surprise – that you have been polite and professional with the media in spite of your disappointments, and, as always, lovely with the fans. It is for all these qualities that I admire you. The winning would mean very little without them. So – let me wish for you only that the rest of the Tour – and the season – provides you with the opportunity to remind the world just how great you are as a bike rider, in the way that the first week of the race has shown how great you are as a man. I don’t say such things lightly – indeed, about nobody ever – but I am so proud to be counted among your many, many fans. Good luck.

  63. Hi Alberto!
    Thank you so much for showing me, that I always have to stay strong, never give up and do what I love.
    Despite you don’t know me, you changed my life a lot, definitely for the better. I decided to follow my dreams and enjoy every single moment.
    You’re the biggest champion I’ve ever seen! Especially for your good manners, strong will and hard work.
    You deserves to win Tour de France more than anyone else and I hope, something good will happen during next stages.
    I wish you fast recovery and good luck for oncoming days!
    I’ll always look up to you!!

  64. Nadja Mikkelsen Says:

    Siempre Contigo, Alberto ❤️
    #ContadorNoSeRinde 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  65. Great ride today, lost a little more time but, there are still 2 weeks left. Noone knows the luck of the other riders. I am disappointed in the fact that everyone that should be there for you are heading out on their own. But I do understand. With everyone counting you out, you have time to recover and will surprise all. There is still time to get the time back and go forward, 2 weeks is a long time in the tour. Might even be even easier when they don’t consider you a great threat. You are a champion of the greatest integrity and spirit.

  66. Estamos contigo Alberto siempre ! Era muy dificil en esta etapa pero estoy seguro que todo es posible. Siempre contigo aunque no tienes equipo, todos tùs fans estan contigo para siempre. Gañamos y perdemos juntos ! Estoy orgullosa porque he visto una leyenda en el ciclismo como tì en mi vida. El tenis tuvo Federer, Nadal. La formula uno tuvo Schumacher y el ciclismo tiene Alberto Contador.
    Un abrazo campeon. Mil Gracias por todo Don Alberto. Lo mejor viene.

  67. Alberto, I wish you the best for growing physically stronger with each day in this Tour. You have been a great and shining example of a true champion through all these past years. There may be other good riders around, but there is NONE that comes close to you for being inspirational, not just in sports but in life! Please keep in your heart that there are MANY MANY people supporting you all the way during this time!

  68. Contador Siempre Says:

    Alberto, la grandeza de una persona no se mide en las veces que cae, sino en las veces que se levanta. Sigue luchando, nada es imposible si uno cree y confía en si mismo. Queda mucho y puedes lograrlo. Buena suerte y siempre contigo Contador!

  69. Nicole MORIN Says:

    Dear Alberto , you are a great warrior , what you did , being so injuried ,is fantastic! All your fans love you more and more!Always with you , idolo !

  70. Ольга Says:

    Альберто, не смотря ни на что, в наших сердцах и наших умах ты номер один навсегда! Я уверена, что у тебя все получится! И ты выиграешь свой Тур! Держи ваше голову! Мы с тобой!

  71. Iain Smith Says:

    Retire on rest day. Nothing to prove to anyone. Get fixed and win The Vuelta.

  72. Alberto Contador FanClub Germany Says:

    Auch wenn du bei dieser Tour schon an dein Limit angekommen bist (der Verletzung geschuldet), werden wir dich weiter Supporten! Du bist und bleibst das größte Talent nach Jan Ullrich! Vamos Alberto Contador!!

  73. Alberto siempre estaremos contigo pase lo que pase eres el mejor ciclista y un gran ser humano un nuevo equipo te espera con buenas vibras y sé que vas a estar mejor con un nuevo cambio saludos desde Puerto Rico.

  74. Alberto,
    Brave riding again today. Stay focused , still a long way to go.
    What is going on with Roman K , he seems to be riding for himself. Nice to see Rafal hunting mountain points, hopefully he can keep jersey to the end.
    Cant wait to hear which team you will be riding for next year. If it is Trek, then you are going back home to discovery:)
    Another hard day in the mountains tomorrow.
    Stay safe,

  75. Signe Jørgensen Says:

    Dearest Alberto.
    That was very good to see you safe home yesterday, now two more stage before the restday. Hang on Alberto and never, never give up.
    We are with you all the way
    You are still the very best, take care and ride smart today and tommorow and so we hope that recover well and ready to the next big battle in the mountains in your way.
    Best regards from Denmark

  76. A Martinez Says:

    All the best Alberto, you are an inspiration on how to react and deal with adversities! Best of luck tomorrow!

  77. TaifromJapan Says:

    Alberto, your toughness will be stronger and stronger all the more stages are hard, I hope. Always with you, true Champion!

  78. Alberto,
    Another day of safe riding, and more time to heal.
    Tomorrow will be a very hard day . Just stay cool and ride within your limit. It is a long way to Paris, hang in there my champion.

  79. Maarten van der Klink Says:

    Make us proud Alberto! You are made of solid iron!

    Greatings and strenght from The Netherlands!

  80. Hola Alberto, ya sabes que creo en ti. Cualquier cosa sucede, (para mí) siempre serás ei mejor. Y mereces un equipo que te apoya y te aprecia al 100%. Un abrazo, ídolo. #QuererEsPoder

  81. Martin Higgins Says:

    Courage, strength, determination, shear will and fight to survive, through constant adversity and opposition you sir are an absolute inspiration for anybody. I hope someday I get to meet my idol and my hero…Querer Es Poder Siempre contigo

  82. Best of luck Alberto. You were born to test the boundaries. You have your fans 100% support all the way.

  83. Forza, Alberto Contador – your greatness is showing as you push through your pain to stay in the running. Best wishes from North America.

  84. Hola Alberto

    Estamos contigo siempre. Todos sabemos que Alberto es el mejor y una leyenda de este deporte. Pedaleamos juntos ! La Francia esta contigo ! Vamos Alberto querer es poder ! #Fuentedé,# Mortirolo, #Verbier,#Alpe D’huez !

    Animo campeon ! A por el cuarto Tour de Francia El Pistolero 💪🏻

  85. Alberto,
    Very courageous ride today. I can see that you are hurting just hang in there.
    Sleep well and continue to ride safely.

  86. Alberto,
    Good morning.
    Another day to recover and stay healthy. Being who you are , it will be difficult to take it easy 🙂 . However, stay close to the other GC contenders and don’t exert yourself. Remember it is not necessary to win stages to be the one in yellow on the final day.
    Be patient and ride safe.
    # 1 fan in NY.

  87. Alberto,
    Where there is a will, there is a way.
    You can make up the time in the mountains. Ride
    safely and stay positive.
    Peter in yellow is a sight to behold 🙂
    Your team looks fantastic , everyone seems to be working very hard. You are their leader , don’t be down continue to inspire them as always.
    Be courageous and patient .
    Watching you on TV until we see you in person for the last four stages.
    We will see you in France as we did in 2010.
    Keep the faith,

  88. Alberto,
    Remember your motto – Where there is a will , there is a way.
    The race is three weeks long, you can make up the time. Ride safely for the rest of this week and stay positive. Freak accidents can happen in a race, in a blink of an eye.
    Your team is doing a fantastic job , Peter is in yellow , that should bring a smile to your face.
    Hope to see you in person in the last five stages of the race.
    Keep your head up, soon you will be in your favorite place the mountains.
    Be safe.

  89. I’m sure you will recover and never give up and you will give your opponents a good fight yet!!……you cycle with your heart….keep focused and fighting Alberto…

  90. Roland bours Says:

    Go for it alberto, you can do it.
    Respect 👍👍👍

  91. Arturo Ocaña Says:

    Vamos Alberto!!! Son días difíciles,pero no imposible. Te espero en Andorra Campeón!!!!

  92. Alberto,you can do it

  93. Alberto i dont know but since you left astana team and after that you joined saxo tinkoff team you seem was not the same guy that always battle for the yellow jersey when he was in the astana team with vinokourov amstrong.What i think that now you have no confidence on yourself and your teammates.Alberto just think about it you have all your teammates who motivate you,even at this age you can do it.You can work with your legs and hands but mentally if you stick it in your mind you will win it, then you will succeed.Once you attack your opponents never turn your back and watch if they are coming.You just ride forward with all your strength and once you do that you will see there is no way that your opponents will reach you.Come on Alberto,you can!!!!!!

  94. Alberto,you must show the world that you’re the same one who won tour de france twice in the past even in your age you can do it like Cadel Evans did it before his retirement.I believe in you tough guy do not miss it.

  95. Sorry to see you in clash. I pray for you from Japan. Hope Mr. Nakano helps you. Vamos CONTADOOOR!

  96. Kathleen Overr Says:

    Wishing you speedy recovery,Alberto. Best of luck tomorrow! You can do it! On to Paris.

  97. Nadja Mikkelsen Says:

    Alberto, you are the reason that I love watching cycling! I love your fighting spirit… Never give up!

  98. Reblogged this on Bilic and commented:
    The greatest revenge is tho accomplish what others say you cannot do.So go out and do it!Querer es poder!

  99. Alberto força👍 Estou aqui para te apoiar ✌

  100. Let’s go El Pistolero if anyone can do this it’s you. Come back stronger from this injuries and fight til the end. Show everyone never to underestimate the heart of a champion. Let’s goooo

  101. You have had a rough couple of days but, in you beats the heart of a champion so I have faith you will make it through to the mountians and be better than ever. In the past when others have counted you out, you show them what a mistake that is. Get well my champion. Watching you puts a smile in my heart.


    Es difícil explicar razonablemente tan mala suerte, pero espero que los golpes en las próximas etapas te devuelvan a tu lugar y al llegar la montaña explotes todas tus posibilidades que son muchas para ganar tu cuarto Tour. Vamos Alberto, cuanto todo se tuerce, con más fuerza te apoyamos. Vamooooossss Quieres, sabes y podrás. Todos los verbos modales son tuyos, campeón.

  103. Praying for you bud!

  104. Remi Fjelldal Says:

    You are the reason I love cycling! Fast recovery and good luck champion! You are my hero! Vamos! Querer es poder!

  105. So sad with the crashes, you’ve been unlucky.But you’re a experienced rider and you can handle these situations, so dont give up and be nervous.Keep fighting and forget about the past, your focus on the next stages is much more important.


  106. Alberto, I was this year agin in pais vasco,oly for watching you in the race,believe in yourself and the fans in all over the world,abrazos!! mucha suerte y exito

  107. Hola campeon

    Es un tour muy dificil por el momento con mucha mala suerte. Sin embargo todos sabemos que Alberto es un luchador ! Queda tranquilo sabemos que tú es muy fuerte este año. Cada etapa tú sabes que todo tus fan estan contigo. Gañamos y perdemos juntos !
    Tú sabes mas que los otros que en la vida hay momentos dificiles como ahora. Tú sabes tambien que cuando tenemos voluntad todo es posible. Recuerdas 2004 y despuès tu victoria en la etapa del tour Down Under. Somos contigo hasta el fin Alberto ! Vamos campeon ! QUERER ES PODER DON Alberto ! Todo es posible !

    Una aficionada francesa

  108. i hav no word for your terrible crash yesterday…but with your Great Team,always we all beside you.
    Best of luck, on your raw talent and whole big efforts.

  109. You will have worn the yellow jersey by the end of 21st day in paris. I believe in you. We believe in you Bertie. Stay strong and get well soon man. You got your all fans with you. You’re the best. Beat ’em up!

  110. Steph Martin Says:

    Horrified to see you crash but true to form you got back on and finished well. Hope you recover quickly and strongly. The greatest and most exciting and elegant rider in the peloton! Good luck!

  111. Signe Jørgensen Says:

    Dearest Alberto.
    So, so sorry to see you crash yesterday, that is NOT the way this TDF should started for you. Really hope that you can recover speedy and that you can continue. Alberto we are with you all the way. Will always be behind you all the way.

  112. Martin Higgins Says:

    Whatever the outcome…win or lose I am with you til the end. Hero idol champion…you fight the greatest fight….

  113. be strong! greetings from turkey.

  114. Nicole MORIN Says:

    We are all with you , we know you are the best , you can do it with the love and help of your fans ! Animo , Alberto !

  115. Cheryl Gilberg Says:

    Alberto, I have every confidence in you. I wish you a speedy recovery and can’t wait to see you in yellow.

  116. jumilile Says:

    Hope you’re quite well, and have nothing serious. I admire your bravery, your mental and your strenght. Rest well Alberto, you’re the best ! 🙂

  117. Alberto, je sais tous les sacrifices que tu as fais pour arriver sur ce tour au meilleur de ta forme. Je crois en toi et en ta capacité de récupération que tu nous as prouvé en 2014. On estrouve tous derrière toi. Tu es notre champion et je suis sur que tu leur prouveras à tous qui est le vrai patron sur le tour!!!

  118. Hello Alberto, I wish you all the best for the next races…mucho animo campeon, poder

  119. Animo Pistolero animo siamo sempre al tuo fianco 😉 Vamos Campeon 😉

  120. Larry Martin Says:

    Alberto, I would be more concerned about your injuries from today’s stage, but I have always admired how tough you are. Vamos, Campeón!

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